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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):


1.  No contracts/fees to join the agency.

2.  We only represent ages 18-45.

3.  Women can be any height.  Males must be optimally 5'10-6'2, although we will sometimes allow a taller male to join the agency.

4.  No plus size, parts, pregnant, kids, etc.

5.  You MUST live in the Atlanta metro area 365 days a year.  Our jobs are here, so you should be here!

6.  If you don't have a model quality face and height/weight proportionate body, please DO NOT submit.

7.  If you are in an exclusive contract with another agency in this market, please DO NOT submit.

8.  You need an agent for ONE reason.  This agency has assembled 125 lovely/handsome people under its umbrella.  If someone calls us, they get a choice from 125 people.  If they call you, they get a choice of ONE person.  Simple as that.  We have auditions for jobs paying up to $2,800/day and $30,000/month.

9.  People may write or say bad things about an agency.  Since we turn down 90% of submissions, that is just something we have to live with as many people are upset when they find out they don't meet our stringent requirements.  We are not Walmart and don't have to serve everbody that wants in.  Listen to who DOES work for us, not who DOESN'T.

10.  We like CLASSY!  ALL-AMERICAN is what we want! - cheerleaders, beauty queens, quarterbacks - the types of models you see in Polo/Tommy Hilfiger/Abercrombie/Gap ads.  We like blank canvases that the client pays to paint on.  Edgy / herion chic / gaunt / bony / anorexic / tattoos / piercings / alternative / rocker / bad boy / emo types - that is NOT our specialty.

11.  We represent/have represented Miss GA USA that goes on to the Miss USA pageant that goes on to the Miss Universe pageant (title holder and 2nd place), Miss Teen GA USA, Miss Georgia International Junior Miss, Atlanta Hawks/Falcons/Braves/Thrashers cheerleaders, Cosmopolitan bachelor of their respective states, major college quarterbacks, NBA/NFL Europe players, Maxim Hometown Hotties of the Year/Month, Playboy/Hawaiian Tropic models, etc.  So please be cognizant of that when you submit.

12.  If you were handed a card, at least have the courtesy to check out the website.  We have a website, an email address that matches the website, and a space to meet with potential talent.  When you interview, you will know someone that we already represent when you are show our book if you are a legitimate model in the Atlanta metro area.  The submissions we get are often subpar, so we prefer to handpick our talent in person or work from referrals from current models.

13.  There are about 5-10 legitimate modeling/talent agencies in the Atlanta metro area.  We are one of them.  And since we represent women who are not traditional runway model height, we may be your ONLY choice for high quality jobs.  We CAN make you taller (by putting you on an apple box), but we CAN'T make you more attractive!

14.  Our niche is that ALL of our talent have model quality looks.  Many agencies have no looks standards for their actors.  You will not find anyone who is not model quality in the face AND body represented by this agency.